Kwil’s Happy Healthy Habits

Breathe Deeply & Rhythmically

Drink Plenty of Water

Get Plenty of Sleep

Eat Healthy, Nutritious Food

Exercise & Move My Body

Take Short, Timed Naps As Needed

Write, Sketch & Doodle in My Journal

Enjoy Happy, Healthy, Gentle Touch

Love & Care for Myself

Love & Care for Others

Express & Share My Feelings

Know Who to Trust & Rely On

Celebrate My Differences

Count My Blessings

Be Grateful, Express Thanks

Be Proud of New Skills & Successes

Think Creatively & Positively

Be Courageous and Bounce Back

'Behave' and Follow Rules (Pick 'Battles')

Get Curious, Not Furious

Start Every Day Fresh (A Clean Slate)

Accept What I Cannot Change

Change What I Can When I Can

Accept and Celebrate "Mistakes"

Limit Overall Screen Time

Avoid Repetitive & Violent Gaming

Do My Personal Best

Draw, Paint, & Sculpt (Play Doh Anyone?)

Practice Reading, Writing & Math

Play, Create & Dream

Be Open to All Kinds of People

Listen to All Kinds of Music

Learn a New Skill

Have Faith & Believe in Myself

Say Nice Things to Myself & Others

Do Nice Things for Myself & Others

Expect Good Things to Come

Set Goals and Make Plans

Be Prepared and Organized

Make Choices, Take Action

Love to Learn, Grow, Change

Set Healthy Limits & Boundaries

Let Go of the Past, Surrender, Trust

Enjoy the Moment (Be Present)

Create the Future (Visualize/Dream)

Take Responsibility & Apologize

Forgive Myself & Others

Congratulate, Celebrate

* * *

Kwil knows that we are all 'perfectly imperfect' exactly as we are and that embracing our uniqueness is the key to wisdom, wonder and wellness. He also knows that we are easily influenced as 'creatures of habit' with repeated thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and beliefs that have a big impact upon the quality of our lives.

It is only when we reflect upon experience, expand awareness, and deepen understanding that we may let go of some habits and embrace other happier, healthier ones over time.

As the great psychologist Carl Jung reminds us, "The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases." He also says, "To be 'normal' is the ideal of the unsuccessful.' While we may be inspired by others and even playfully compete in some endeavors, it is so important to be the happiest, healthiest version of ourselves!

As Kwil suggests, "Go slowly, 'thought-fully,' and always, always remember to 'row, row, row your boat GENTLY down life's stream. . . . merrily, merrily, merrily life IS but a dream!'"

Just BE who YOU are

And DO what YOU do

Then all of life’s treasures

Will come to you!

In fact, they’re INSIDE you!