Love, Light & Limitations

Kwil.Club is a labour of love. Kwil hopes that by sharing our words of wisdom, wonder and wellness, all members will have the opportunity to reflect upon their own lives with a gentle, affirming sense of humour and heartstrings. He would be thrilled to ignite a sense of passion and purpose--a feeling in the heart and a sparkle in the eye that lights up the world one mind, heart and soul at a time.

PLEASE NOTE: All information and opinions shared via the Kwil.Club website, newsletters, books, cards and replies are for information, education and entertainment purposes only. Nothing can replace the professional services of a qualified doctor, psychologist, counsellor, coach,  tutor, . . . or the love and care of devoted family and friends. Never forget that you are resilient and that people love to listen, care, share and support to the best of their ability. Give them that chance. We are all in this "human bean" thing together! Asking for and giving help in respectful and loving makes us stronger. Believing is seeing! Believe.