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When you join Kwil.Club, you embark on a mystical, magical adventure with whimsical words of wisdom, wonder and wellness penned by frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed Kwil. You seek out and share those wonder-filled inner treasures that define and enrich each one of us.

While some think of Kwil as an educational mascot who champions literacy, creativity and social-emotional learning, his most devoted family, friends and fans know that Kwil is so much more.

For them, Kwil is “realer than real” and “something you feel.” Kwil creates and connects  in the most passionate, purposeful and poetic way. More than many literacy, creativity and social-emotional programs, Kwil creates the all-important will to learn and practice life's skills.

Kwil is  a giggly, googly-eyed poet and pen pal. He lifts literacy, creativity and social-emotional learning concepts off the page into the minds, hearts, and mailboxes of those who create and connect with him. “From age 4 to 94 and whole lot more!” says Kwil. “EVERYONE is welcome to join Kwil.Club!"

As a global cheerleader for wisdom, wonder, and wellness, Kwil and everyone at Kwil.Club champion literacy, creativity, and social-emotional learning which usually starts off as a family affair and spans all the decades of human life. There are no age limits on the love of literacy, creativity, and social-emotional learning! We are ALL always learning.

Kwil believes that when it comes to wisdom, wonder, and wellness, we don’t have a Kwillisecond to wait! 🙂 And, as his best friend “Mean Old Mr. Marquis” says, “When it comes to education,  our intention and  our engagement are everything! We must be active models and participants in anything we wish to teach.”