Timeless Testimonials

"I am a new member of this cool Kwil.Club. It is one of the best! Thanks for letting me join!" (Luke)

"Roses are red. Violets are blue and I love you. Please write back Kwil!" (Russell)

"Kwil is the best. Kwil is nice. Kwil, you are my friend." (Conrad)

FOR THE LOVE OF LITERACY: "I think you're cute and fuzzy. I also like your books and I like reading, writing, and drawing. I hope you have fun Kwil. Roses are red. Violets are blue. You're so cute and I love you." (Heather)

"Kwil.Club is for kids all over the world. In Kwil.Club you can write, draw, and read. Kwil is a big, fuzzy guy with a green nose, yellow pencil, and a pink eraser." (Bryttany)

"You're my favourite character. I love being a Kwil.Club member. Love, Breanne. P.S. You're the best! Better than the rest!"

"I like writing poems - I think you do too  -  I especially like - Writing to you! (Nadia)

A NEWS REPORT: "A movement is in the works, and it's being led by a furry, big-nosed little creature named Kwil. The cute mascot of the local Kwil Kids phenomenon has been able to fire up children about writing like no other. . . . A writer of children's literature himself, his aim in creating Kwil Kids was to promote literacy, creativity and a love of writing in children.. . . Kwil encourages Kwil Kids to sign up for his email poems, and answers each and every letter he receives. This courtesy is the result of Kwil's own experiences as a young writer, getting rejections from publishers or no answers at all.. . . The Kwil project has also proved to be a useful classroom tool in encouraging children to express themselves through writing. Students now look at everything as a potential story idea, Kwil said. 'Everyone has a story to tell,' he said. 'Writing gives us some permanence. It lasts.' (Karin, newspaper reporter)

"Frizzy, fuzzy Kwil. You're the one! You make sending mail so much fun! (Kiefer)

"'It is only well with me when I have a chisel in my hands.' Michelangelo.' I love you, Mr. Kwil" (quotation copied and sentence printed proudly by James, age 5)

"I'm telling on Kwil for taking what we write and putting it in stores for people all over the world to read! You're the best!" (Melyssa)

"I was so happy to get your letter and so excited about writing back that I sealed my envelope before Mom could help me print on my picture. Kwil, where do you live? Will you tickle me with your fuzzy face? (James, age 5)

"Thank you for all the newsletters. We always enjoy receiving and reading them It is certainly appreciated by this family. We know what a lot of work this must be for you. It is so nice to see somebody so dedicated to the children. (Mrs. S.)

"You've a marvelous talent. I and others here have enjoyed reading your word paintings and joined in searching for soul. . . . Thank you!" (Les)

A POEM:  "I see Kwil in the trees.- I see Kwil in the cars. - I see Kwil in the sun. - I see Kwil in the stars. - I see Kwil in my heart  - And I love him. (Jordan)

"There was a teacher. Mr. Marquis was his name and teaching was his game. People knew him in Ethiopia, China, Romania, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Venezuela, Argentina and Amsterdam. He thought what a famous person I am! He was precious as a pearl and when he danced, he would twirl and whirl." (Torrey)

"With his giant pencil - And his cute green nose - He likes to write - Stories and prose - He's fluffy and round, - With eyes very bright.- He's quiet and shy - And always out of sight. - If you try very hard - You may catch a glimpse, - But because he's so shy - You may have to squint. - He's your friend and mine - With pencil so fast, - So come and join him - You'll have a blast! (Amanda M.)

"Kwil.Club lets kids be kids   -  And lets them write their way   -  Kwil.Club lets a kid grow up   -  In different learning ways." (Amanda)

"I like your fuzzy-fuzzy hair and your green nose too! Your pencil is a nice yellow and I like your eraser. I love the scratching of a pencil on a piece of paper. I hope that it doesn't stop because I like hearing it and reading the secret code of letters." (Kiefer)

"You are a good writer. I've read lots of your books. I think your books are great. I want to be your friend. I really, really, really want to meet you. You look like a cool creature. Some people think that you have an evil cousin. But I do not think so. You are really wicked." (Robert)

ON PASSION,  PURPOSE, PATIENCE, AND PERSISTENCE: "I thought that I would jot down - A thanks for you today- Our meeting was most pleasant - I'm glad that you could stay. - I hope that our talk was helpful - And that you take the time - To think about the road ahead  -  Perhaps a path sublime. -  Your journey's just beginning - There'll be some grinds and bumps - But if you can persist and laugh -  You'll quickly smooth the humps. -  'Cause really when it's said and done - A teacher's job is clear - To help children learn and grow - And understand what's dear.- So thanks for the dedication - That's a beacon and a call - May your balance sheet be balanced - And your stories shared by all! (Graham, parent, newspaper columnist, and headmaster)

"Since I have been bringing my children to Kwil.Club, they are more motivated than ever to 'keep their pencils moving!" . . . They create with such imagination - Showing a warmth of illustration - Writing their thoughts on paper - Organizing them later. - Their ideas sure do flow,  - Excitement in their faces sure does show - Stories, poems, pictures galore,  - They just keep writing. . .  - More, more, more!" (Mrs. A.D)

"Here's a little note  - Our famly would like to say - We all think about writing things  -  Each and every day  -  Sometimes we are silly -  Sometimes we are sad - It never seems to matter - Because writing is never bad - We want to thank you, Kwil -  For the encouragement to excel - For every time we try our best  -  We think we've done it well!  (The Z Family)

TERRIFIC TEENS: "I just wanted to thank you on behalf of every child I have ever know, know now, or ever will know. What you do is incredibly wonderful. Not only are you giving children a chance to express themselves and rewarding them for it, but you are also helping them to expand their horizons, imagination, and writing skills. I am seventeen years old and I wish that there had been something like your wonderful club available to me to participate in when I was younger. Thank you for your immeasurable amount of love, greatness and humanity. There are special places for people like you and I know you will be rewarded greatly. (Jennifer M.)

"If you're out at night - And the sky starts to rain  -  Stand in some leaves - To hear your applause again. -  The harder the rain - The longer you should stand still. - Thank you, Mr. M. - And your fuzzy friend, Kwil. (Paul S, Harrison & Serena's Dad)

AN EDITORIAL:  "When you walk through the front door of Kanaka Creek Elementary, one of the first things you notice is a little character named Kwil. There's a big sign hanging up in the library welcoming you to Kwil's Club. Kwil (sounds like quill, an old-fashioned pen) was created by the school's teacher-librarian Mr. Marquis as a way to get children interested in reading. He's cute and fuzzy and has a mailbox where kids can write letters to him. The letters are about themselves or are full of imaginative stories and questions about life. Kwil writes back to them. My daughter Emily gets so excited reading Kwil's responses.. . . He's inspired my daughter to read and to use her imagination in ways she never thought possible. Last spring, when she got a chance to have kids author Robert Munsch sign her book, she had him dedicate it to Mr. Marquis." (Chris, newspaper editor and parent)

"It is a rare gift to be able to combine humour and heartstrings I hope that I'll see Gaila Pasquaila Magaila Magoo and other stories at my children's bookstore some day soon. In today's homogenized world emotions are falsely portrayed between commercial interruptions. Our children need to recognize and feel humour, grief, elation and love--in  a true and simple way.. . . Stories about overcoming adversities, keeping faith, the healing power of tears and the joy of laughter and letting go. It was strange but the lessons in these stories seem to come at just the right time. . . . Children's stories that touched an adult soul." (Lisa)

AN ENDORSEMENT: "It is rare to find an educator who so masterfully combines a passion for literacy and a deep understanding of human development that when carefully woven together not only enhances children’s lives but changes them. When I first met Mr. Kalen Marquis (fondly known as ‘Mean Ole Mr. M’), I knew that he was more than a Teacher-Librarian and Counselor. At the same time I met Kalen, I was introduced to his mascot Kwil and several of his imaginary companions. As fate should have it, this encounter proved to be the beginning of a special and highly prized relationship that would deepen over time given our mutual passion and commitment to the well-being of those we serve. My intuition was correct: Kalen’s brilliant brainchild, Kwil, indeed inspires children through his gifted use of words and rhyme that are laced with love and kindness. What transpired over the following months and years extended far beyond my initial expectations. I have seen how children’s imaginations have been ignited through Kwil (et al) and how students’ reading and writing have become more purposeful and authentic as they engage with Kwil through regular correspondence.The culture in our library has been transformed! No longer is it simply a warehouse of books but a place where literacy comes to life. While the idea of having children write to an imaginary character is a relatively simple concept, Kwil provides a unique opportunity for students to communicate and to share thoughts and feelings in an authentic and meaningful way. Kwil provides a personalized opportunity for students to write, dream, draw and imagine – all by engaging with an imaginary character in an imaginary world that is grounded in “wisdom, wonder and wellness”. I am excited to learn that Kwil Club is looking to reach beyond the walls of our school and other communities where Kwil has been resident. Imagine the possibilities for Kwilville given 21st century technology tools! (Jennifer Pardee, Principal, Bowen Island Community School, December 2013)